Become A Member

We have welcomed members since we were incorporated in 1962. Our members have the right to vote in our annual elections of directors as well as certain other matters specified in our Bylaws (see Important Documents).
Our levels of annual membership are:
  •  Associate—$10 per year
  •  Supporting—$20 per year
  •  Enthusiast—$50 per year
In addition, we offer lifetime "Forever" memberships for a one-time payment of $200.
Memberships are tax-deductible for income tax purposes to the full extent permitted by law.
Please consider supporting our activities through becoming a member. Thank you!

To become a member, please:

  • print out the Membership/Donation form, complete it, and mail it to our address marked "Attn. Treasurer" along with your checkor
  • drop it off at the Main Library welcome desk along with your check.
If you are or become an annual member, you will receive a letter each year requesting your renewal.