Monetary Contributions

Direct Monetary Contributions

We greatly appreciate direct monetary contributions. They are deductible for income tax purposes to the full extent permitted by law.
Please kindly consider us for a one-time or recurring contribution as part of your annual giving program. Thank you!
We also kindly invite you to consider us for a special contribution as part of any lifetime or estate giving plan you may be contemplating.
You can make a one-time or recurring online direct monetary contribution. 
You can also print out and complete our Membership/Donation form and mail it along with your check to our address marked "Attn. Treasurer" or drop it off at the Main Library welcome desk.
If you are considering a recurring or special direct monetary contribution, please kindly contact us.

Indirect Monetary Contributions

In addition to buying books from us, there are two ways you can support us indirectly when you purchase a book or other item elsewhere:

Kepler's. For many years, we have been privileged to be a community partner of Kepler's Books, a major bookstore in Menlo Park. Kepler's will generously remit 6% of the purchase price of any non-discounted purchase to us.

You can select that option when buying online or tell the cashier when you make an in-store purchase. Please see

AmazonSmile. Amazon operates a program called AmazonSmile which offers the same merchandise as Amazon's general site. If you make purchases of eligible items through AmazonSmile and you have made a one-time designation of us as your selected charity, then Amazon will donate 0.5% of the eligible purchase to us. Please see

--Please note: (1) We do not need to be the re-seller of your purchased item to qualify for this program; but the item must be marked "Eligible for AmazonSmile donation". (2) You must use our legal name "Menlo Park Friends of the Library" to select us. Our commonly used alternative name "Friends of the Menlo Park Library" will not work for AmazonSmile.